Onboarding QA/Testing

Onboarding you as a QA client can be overwhelming. In order to reduce stress, we consider several things. These include availability of the your people, existing testing infrastructure, training, domain experience, experience, communication skills, as well as available resources. Allocating your resources appropriately allows you to proceed with the onboarding process with ease and can boost your QA productivity in the long run.

Before onboarding, we make sure you are clear about expectations. You will want to consider what type of testing infrastructure you will need. This is essential to determine the timeline of your potential projects. We help you to evaluate and understand your domain experience and help you allocate your resources accordingly.

During the onboarding process, we ensure that your people are available during testing hours. Availability of your team is crucial for continuous monitoring of your tests. This model allows smoother and faster releases, as well as quick resolutions to any issues that may pose as bottlenecks.

One of the important aspects to consider before onboarding is communication. Having an open line of communication allows flexibility throughout your testing process. We work with you to schedule virtual meetings and training.

Making a list of your requirements and expectations prior to onboarding will help you have a clear picture of the challenges your company may face through the testing process.

As a trusted QA partner, we offer diverse domain knowledge, expert engineers and the resources required for smooth onboarding.

Onboarding Software Development

As a software development company, we make the process as easy and painless as possible for you, while focusing on your individual needs and providing you with added value.

No doubt you will have questions about your process: where to go for information? Who is working on what? How do you know if we are delivering on our promises? It's our responsibility (and opportunity) to educate you, answering common doubts and questions, and providing you with everything you need to get started.

All of this combined serves to confirm that your decision to go with us is a good one, and will allow us to begin work on your project without a hitch.

The following list outlines the process we follow to ease your onboarding process:

  • Gather basic information
  • Prepare and sign software development contract
  • Settle initial invoice
  • Set up project management system
  • Declare project roles
  • Introduce the team
  • Add client to our communications channels
  • Schedule kickoff call
  • Schedule progress reports
  • Settle project specification questionnaire
  • Settle completed business goals questionnaire
  • Agree on project timeline
  • Prepare project brief
  • Schedule client progress reports

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